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What Is Stack My List?

Stack My List is a property list that filters out the leads for Real Estate Investors to save time and money by showing specific leads within their lists that will give you a greater chance of people who are looking to sell their home quickly.

What Will This List Do For Me?

We know that you may not have all of the time in the world to build your list, even if you are an expert at doing so. So we make the lists for you. We here at Stack My List know the mess of organizing and managing your lead list can be time consuming and expensive. Which is why we created a better way with Stack My List. List stacking is a great and easier method for filtering and managing your properties. Stack My List can assist you and identify motivated sellers across all of your data.


All Stack My List packages include the following.


Unlimited Lists, Event Tagging and Exports


Over 35 Filters with Date Range Support


Property Address Validation to Prevent Duplicates







Watch Stack My List Work

See for yourself why so many Investors are saving thousands in budget costs using Stack My List.

No More Spreadsheets, We Will Handle It.

User Friendly

Stack My List makes it simple. Start with a map and search for your lists, then obtain the data, filter your addresses to target the motivated sellers in that area. Export your data to Excel or see your list through Stack My List.

Unique Lists

When you use the lists, our unique list stacking will assist investors and show them sellers who are wanting to get rid of their properties. We know it can be difficult when searching for addresses and verifications, so we will give you unique and advanced lists. 

Obtain Quick Leads

When you get the data you need and the lead you want, you can also send postcards through the mail, letters, emails, phone append, scrubbing and more! All at our special members-only wholesale rates.

Plans For Any Business

Plus a free 7 day trial that will save you the headaches.

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

The questions that are asked and the answers we have

Do you supply lists?

We do not supply lists or leads. Using your lists, Stack My List’s advanced filtering and list stacking methods help investors identify highly motivated property sellers……while delivering absentee filtering, USPS address verification, vacancy checks, and more. Once you have targeted your most profitable leads, you can send personalized Postcards and Letters, Email and Phone Append, DNC Scrubbing and even Skip Tracing. All at our special members-only wholesale fulfillment rates.

Will I Be Able To Cancel?

We have no long term contracts, so you are free to cancel at any time. 

Is There An Option To Upgrade My Package At Anytime?

Of course! If at anytime you need more addresses, you can always upgrade on our website. 

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